Friday, January 21, 2011

"How 'Bout That Snow?"

Snow, for anyone from six to seventeen years-old, means one thing: SNOW DAY. So no one wants to hear two-hour-delay. Especially on mid-term week. Honestly, it just makes me hopefully glance up at my school's florescent lights every few moments, willing them to go out, and let the howling wind win, to send us victoriously home. But all the wind brought was rain. Enough rain to entertain a few boys into a rousing game of chuck-the-slush, and lucky for me, I was standing in the middle of it when it began, unaware. I was watching the light snow falling, because it looked like it was descending in slow motion. Snow falls slowly sometimes. I wish it would do that all the time.

But today, the snow did indeed win, because it covered half of the state enough so that when we all woke up this morning (and mornings past) we all resembled moles poking their noses out for the first time in the spring, only to find that it was, in fact, not spring. Perhaps that's why the weak little mail truck did not get to our mail box ...

Though I do think this weather gives us a sense of togetherness, no matter how irritating it may be. It gives us all something to talk about in those silent moment waiting in line at the grocery store: "how 'bout that snow?". We shovel, snowplow, and shiver together. And might I add that when a snowstorm is predicted, everyone runs helter skelter to their nearest Stop & Shop to stalk up on whatever they don't have and don't need, as if it's never snowed before. And for those people, I commend you, because you are helping our economy. But be warned: it has snowed, it will snow, and it will snow again after that. 

Keep warm. 


  1. Haha, Christina, this made me smile and laugh, thank you. :D Love you!!! <3

  2. heyyy this is amazing! i love this one(: and i like the part about the chucking slush ;) lol i have no idea who you are but i love your writing and ANY STRANGER WHO SEES THIS SHOULD REALIZE THE TALENT SHE HAS!!!!! :D so thanks to you, person i dont know,(I'll text you about that later...)