Thursday, September 22, 2011

Secret Dreams

Sometimes, I have these secret dreams. 
Small, quiet thoughts that float around my mind like shadows. I don't tell them to anyone, the secrecy makes them feel more special... 

I wish I was a ballerina

Those gorgeous girls, spinning like tops in shiny pink shoes, running and jumping, winning the affections of every soul in their audience, no matter how small. The graceful way they move, and with such passion, their bodies in perfect rhythm with the pretty music.
I danced when I was two. A small little me, barely knowing who I was, trying to be the best I could be at something that fascinated me. I didn't know I loved it then. And that was the last time it ever came into my sight. 

I think over the process of my life, a teeny piece of my heart had gotten lost, stumbled down the wrong street, and is now having trouble finding it's way home. That piece is still in the ballet studio, looking at it's self in the mirror and it's shiny pink shoes. Wishing the rest of me was there to see them.