Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Football Explaination

Football: A majority of America break out the junk food and park themselves on their couches for a few hours every Sunday to watch their favorite team beat the other one up. Who knows what these people look like, we can only differentiate by the sometimes amusing names displayed on their backs (Mayo) and the numbers on their chests. True fans fancy themselves experts knowing a ton of stats and records that they can recite upon the slightest window of opportunity. There are so many strategies and rules that to the untrained bystander (such as a fourteen year-old girl with no brothers) it's a mess. And so:

As an assignment for my journalism class, I have to watch a sports game. I originally thought I would outsmart the task and watch something simple like ice skating. Yet none of that is in season, and I'm left to squint at my television screen wondering what the heck is going on at today's NFL game. Upon the amazing revelation that touchdowns were indeed six points as opposed to my previously thought seven, I realized I have a long way to go. Other than the fact that they're supposed to get the football into the end zone, and when they jump on each other it's called a tackle, I have no idea what I'm doing. Only 450 more words to go to meet my word count. 

Bill Belichick doesn't talk much in interviews. Maybe he's as bored as I am.

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  1. haha, ok, I don't have anyone who loves football at my house, either. Plus I didn't even know you got six points during a touchdown. It's just too boring. Plus, I like watching figure skating!Never watch it though...